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Entrepreneurs and small businesses should have access to professional consultants, stunning artwork, and maintain an excellent web presence without a cookie cutter approach to their individual needs. Kolleen Shallcross is a Long Island Web Designer that specializes in helping small businesses have that competitive edge.

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Where is my portfolio?

I put myself last far too often. You can find some of my old work at my Portfolio Site Here which shamefully has not be updated since 2012.

Since then I’ve been crazy busy helping people with web development and updates, email campaigns, blog posts, social media, marketing, and search engine optimization.

With the launch of my new SEO Campaign I finally decided to put some time into my site. I took the curtain down and now I know I MUST start adding some of my recent work. Slowly and surely. One day at a time.

Here are some recent sites I’ve worked on. I love how happy my clients are about their sites. Even though getting people to take the time to write an honest review isn’t easy, you can find a few on Google+

I’ve recently merged two sites into one here: Hearts in Harmony Hypnosis

And this site made me perpetually hungry, not that it takes much to do so: Busy Bee Food Exchange

CR Star Car Service A Professional Car Service

VOICE Varadi Ovarian Institute for Cancer Education

The Rinfret Group Interior Design Group

Serendipity Circles A Metaphysical Ecommerce Store

Boiler Bill of New York Long Island HVAC Service

Homestead Farm Resort Family Vacation & Barn Wedding Venue

If you need a consult about driving business to your website, ecommerce, or marketing your brand, give me a call. I’d be glad to give you an honest assessment. 917-586-1474

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The Slow Growing Blog

I do enjoy writing, and I enjoy writing about my craft so others can learn. Yet I find myself writing these posts in my head while I’m busy doing “life.” And when I’m in front of my computer, I’m usually working on a client’s site. Since only a small amount of articles make it to this space, I’ve decided to aptly name this section, “The Slow Growing Blog.”

6 Key Points if You Own or Need a Website

If you own or need a website, make sure you know the bare bones basics If you have a small business, or are a professional or entrepreneur, chances are you have or need a website. The problem with being a small company, or just yourself, is you have to learn to be...

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Is there a time for a new book cover design?

Do writers go back and decide it’s time for a new book cover design? When working with various clients, it’s always interesting to learn quirky details about an industry. In this particular post, the industry is publishing and the issue is “Is there ever a time...

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Is Your Website Responsive?

Having a responsive website will be the most important step you can make to ensure your website is not outdated. As of this writing an overwhelming percentage of websites are being viewed on mobile devices such as iPads, tablets, iPhones and Androids.

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