Brand Development Keeps Your Business Focus & Message Consistent

Your brand is a very valuable asset in your company. That is why brand development is so important. Brand Development much like SEO is an ongoing endeavour. It’s not a case of creating your logo and that’s it!

various pieces of branded items for CTSNYC. Shirt with logo, business card, and flyer

What is a Brand?

Put simply, your brand is your companies reputation and it’s visibility in the marketplace. The strength of your brand is determined by the simple formula: Reputation x Visibility.

Brand development is where you strengthen your brand.

As we help firms develop their brands, there is a 3 step process to Brand Development, the 3 steps are as follows…

  1. Align your brand strategy with your business objectives
  2. Create the methods of communication for your brand, such as your logo, slogan and website. This is where many people make the mistake of thinking they are done!
  3. Strengthen your brand via your appointed Brand Development Specialist

Strong brand identities are created from inspired design with compelling communication. It will be the foundation of all your marketing activities that follow. Your brand will encompass everything you do from SEO, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing and let’s not forget all your offline materials – your physical business cards, flyers and brochures etc. So it’s important that you don’t simply “grab someone off fiverr”! Get it right and if you can’t, hire a professional branding specialist.

Effective branding is not only going to give you the professional image you deserve but it will also play a key role in your traffic conversion. Driving targeted traffic to your site is half the battle but traffic conversion is half the battle also.

A good brand will get you to stand head and shoulders above your competition.

At Shallcross Web Design, we have a successful track record in brand development via our elegant design with the knowledge of human psychology. We know how to communicate through your brand that goes deeper than skin deep.

Whether you are a business start-up or whether you are a well-established company wanting to either re-brand or strengthen your brand – we can help!

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