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Shallcross Web Design is a local family run digital marketing New York company on Long Island. We aim to serve our local business community in and surrounding the Long Island areas.

We believe it is important to keep business local as much as possible. If people traded among one other within the local area, not only do you help your local community but you make the community stronger and there is more accountability too.

We are your one-stop-shop for digital marketing New York, Queens, Suffolk, Nassau and Long Island.

In this modern Age we live in, especially in the digital arena, so often people do business in all kinds of foreign countries where there is no face, no building, no accountability and our US dollars leave the country. That’s why we buy local and why Long Island digital marketing should stay on Long Island.

Local businesses who target local customers rely upon local visibility online. That’s why if we work for a Nassau company, we specifically do Nassau local SEO. Our web design is completed with SEO in mind from the On-Page Optimization to the local citations.

Everything we do is geared toward a professional image and local search rankings. The same applies to all Long Island SEO.

We consider your local demographic and your keywords. We don’t only want to grow our number of clients in the New York and Long Island area, we want to literally grow our client’s presence in these areas too!
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Our Long Island Digital Marketing Services

Are you starting from scratch? Are you a new business startup? We can fully manage your digital marketing services right from the get-go from your initial website design, business cards, letterheads and other print media to your ongoing SEO and Social Media Management. Or if you are already established we can provide any of our digital marketing services as a stand-alone service.

Our Long Island SEO clients especially appreciate our monthly WordPress Maintainance service as it gives them the peace of mind of knowing that there is an aftercare in place beyond getting their website.

Whatever your digital marketing needs, contact us today and we will arrange a free consultation with you and help you on your way!

When you purchase with a full design, SEO and social media package, we can visit you in Queens, Nassau or Western Suffolk county to set up your digital marketing program. Alternatively, we can arrange a video call.

Shallcross Web Design and SEO Consulting Process

As soon as you register your interest via our contact form, we will undergo some research into your niche and your competition. We will look at your current web presence and send you a report. If you already have a website, we will conduct a website audit looking at the areas that need addressing. We will send you our report via email and then arrange either a phone or online video call consultation. The purpose of this is to answer any questions you may have and to find out how we can best serve you.

How Can We Best Serve Your Business Marketing Needs?

Following this, we can give you a la carte pricing for the help you need or we can offer you a fully managed solution so that you can have all your digital marketing needs taken care of under one roof while you get on with what you do best – running your business!


  1. Contact us
  2. We research your niche
  3.  We send you a report
  4. We consult on phone or video
  5. We send you pricing
  6. You Yay or Nay our pitch

Let me Help You with Local Business Marketing

The more people that see your business, the more likely they will become your customers, and you in turn can help more people with your service or wares.

What is Digital Marketing Collateral?

Digital Marketing Collateral, sometimes referred to as Digital Media, is basically all the computer generated marketing materials your company uses for themselves. An easy example would be website, social media, and electronic newsletters; yet it also encompasses how you use these tools for optimal benefit to your business.

Why is Digital Media Important to Your Business?

Having a website with your own domain legitimizes your business. Whether it’s a brick and mortar storefront, a home office, or you work out of your car, today’s consumer expects all businesses to have an online presence in which to gain information and decide whether to contact you.

WordPress Websites

Custom WordPress websites that have the power to do anything you want. From a simple blog to a full on ecommerce site to monthly maintenance, your WordPress website needs fulfilled.

Email Campaigns & Social Media

Keep your branding going with email campaigns, social media images, and support on how do it yourself, or where to get help.

Managed Websites

By partnering with a company such as SquareSpace, I can help you get a professional website for a fraction of the cost of a WordPress website. The reason is they supply the tech support.

Content Writing

Need some help with copy for your website, ads, blogs, or printed material? Get help with ideas, or a full written article or blog.


Getting your site optimized for On-Page SEO will rank well in search engines such as Google. SEO is a process and not an overnight success. You’ll also learn about on Off-Page SEO.

HTML Websites

There’s a benefit to having an XHTML5 / CSS3 Website, and there are downsides. We can and do offer other CMS websites & HTML websites through a network of professionals working with Kolleen.
Let’s Work Together