Monthly WordPress Maintenance Service

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Maintaining your WordPress website will protect your investment

The short story is: a monthly WordPress maintenance service is no longer an option, but a necessity. Long ago one could put up a website for their business and chances were the site would be fine for years to come. Fast forward a few decades and now security is more important than ever. Shared hosting, security holes, and other vulnerabilities are part of owning a website. Getting at least a minimum of monthly WordPress maintenance is a must for anyone with a WordPress website.

You can do it yourself if you’re budget is low, or you could subscribe to a monthly maintenance plan for your WordPress site. No matter which you choose, it does need to be done.

Website Security

The main reason you need a monthly plan to maintain your WordPress site is security. Code is a language and it has flaws. There will always be people looking for those flaws, and some of those people will exploit them. In order to prevent your website from being on the wrong end of a security flaw, it needs to be monitored for any code that may be injected through a vulnerability.

If you want to make sure you have security set up, you should use Wordfence for roughly $5/month or the better and more secure monitor, Sucuri, starting at $16.99/month. As a security minded web designer, I encourage customers that use either of those security measures on their website. 

Off-site Back-ups

If you’re good with software, you can do your own offsite backups of your website or you can subscribe to a monthly WordPress maintenance service. By using your Amazon Web Services (AWS) account, which is tied to your Amazon account, you get a chunk of space to use for free and then minimally charged per megabyte as your needs increase.

AWS and UpDraft Plus are an excellent duo for backing up your site. Configuring your UpDraft Plus to send your daily, weekly, or monthly backup to an off-site server on AWS, your site could be easily replicated should a severe hack occur. My monthly service includes an offsite copy of a backup for as long as you keep the service going.

WordPress Updates

WordPress is a wonderful open source content management system (CMS). The beauty of WordPress is it allows the site owner to easily make changes, add pages, or write blogs on their website without always hiring a web professionals. Once it’s set up correctly, the site control goes back to the owner. The owner can do their own upkeep, changes or additions or hire one of the millions of WordPress experts around the globe.

WordPress software does not run alone. There are themes (visuals) and plugins (functionality) that all work together to make your website go. Sometimes an upgrade in WordPress can “break” your site. You need to be able to install an old backup or know the steps to fixing your site.

Plugins & Widgets

WordPress Plugins and Widgets are pieces of code that attach to WordPress and help add functionality or fancy visuals. These pieces of code can also have flaws or need updating. Sometimes an update in WordPress can make a plugin stop working.

There are times when a plugin is not supported by the author and another one will need to be researched that does the same thing. The plugin and widget world is full of great people making WordPress better, and then there is the fringe user that exploit plugins or create them with malicious code injected into it. Having knowledge of which plugin authors are trusted is something that comes with time and experience.