Kolleen Shallcross

Hello! I’m Kolleen Shallcross, and thank you for stopping by this website. Just a quick bio….

My professional travels have been interesting. Being extremely lucky to have worked with a diverse set of clients and employers over the years has expanded my talents, perspective, and technological advancement. Working with all size businesses from a world-wide pharmaceutical giant to the 1 person business of a freelancing clown, and everything in between, has made me comfortable with people from all walks of life. It’s been great!

For a bit of background… I’ve been interested in typography since I was 7 years old. I would cut out typefaces that I liked from magazines and redraw them as perfect as I could. You can say graphic design is in my blood.

Not long after high school I fulfilled my goal of going to art school for Graphic Design as a self-supporting independent student. After graduating from Pratt Institute, I pursued my career. Being pulled in many directions, since my talents are so diverse, I ended up becoming proficient in copywriting, graphic design, print production and editorial layout. Coupled with years of managerial experience my diversity brought me quite an array of clients with the challenge of meeting all their needs.

As a self-taught computer expert, I’ve also managed to become quite adept at drawing, photo-editing and layout programs on both the Mac and the PC platform. As new media morphed into social networking and cloud computing, I read and learned all I could so my clients would be up-to-date on their options for marketing and staying ahead of their competitors.

My skills & abilities include:
~ advertising, social media & web experience
~ works with a network of professionals
~ easy-going personality & strong work ethic
~ deadline driven & production oriented