What is Print Media?

Print Media is the marketing materials your company uses promote themselves. Business cards, letterhead, advertisements, postcards are the common ones. There are also billboards, posters, and logos. Because of new technology, this has been expanded to clothing, pens, cups and mugs, waterbottles, etc.

Why is Print Media Important to Your Business?

It’s often said that one needs roughly at least 7 touchpoints to generate a viable sale lead, and print material can be a one or more of those connections. For example, something as simple as a business card could lead be great starting touchpoint. Brochures and postcards are a great way to get your message out to potential customers, while promotional material keeps your name out there for passive networking.

Keeping your business branded is important if you want to compete in business. Creating your own card may be okay when you start out, but eventually you’ll need a professional look.

Your printed material should blend well with your digital presence such as your website, social media, or emails.

Various business cards designed by Kolleen Shallcross

Business Cards are Often Your First Touchpoint

Your Business Card is a way to quickly hand out out your contact information in face to face situations. They’re also a good to leave out for people to take one if they’re interested in your work.

Flyers & Sell Sheets

Flyers are great for quickly getting your information out locally in person, or via a mail campaign. Flyers can also be used as Sell Sheets, or Spec Sheets. They’re usually 8 1/2″ x 11″, but can be other sizes.
Various samples of flyer graphic design
Various samples of postcards

Postcards Get You Noticed

Not only for mailing, Postcards make great hand-outs in your business. Postcards are generally thicker than flyers and the focus is on one product or service.

Brochures as a Sales Tool

Brochures are much like your website: a 24/7 sales opportunity. People do not feel under pressure when picking up a brochure to read about your business. It’s a passive, yet effective sales tool. One of my favorite brochures has a custom map and custom artwork.
Graphic design brochure samples
Graphic design poster samples

Poster, Banners, Maps, & Billboards

Posters can fold up into a marketing brochure with the poster on the back, or they can be flat for hanging. Custom maps can make your business come to life, along with Banners and Billboards as an advertising tool. Here are a few samples of print work on my portfolio site.