Image of a hand checking off SEO items from a checklist

Off-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Off-site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about back linking. A back link is a link to your website that is on another website. Each time other websites link to your site, your site’s search ranking goes higher.

Image of a hand checking off SEO items from a checklist

This concept of backlinking revolves around the premise that if reputable companies are linking to your site, then you must have something to offer. Now this can also work against if your site rankings if your backlinks are not coming from a reputable site.

By signing up with Kolleen Shallcross and associates, your website will be listed amongst a high powered websites in various niches. This networking, in which your company will be engaged, consists of reputable sites. In the SEO industry we call this white hat back links.

The longer you engage and get listed on this network of high powered websites, the higher you rank. Depending on your competition, your site may rank up to the #1 spot in a short time, or it may take several months to get it moving.

Week after week you should notice consistent improvements in your Google search results because the backlinks to your website are powerful and respected. Google loves reputable backlinks!

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